It’s In God’s Timing…

We know there many, many people who are waiting patiently to hear that the berries are ready again for lots of picking, but the lack of rain has made it a difficult call. When the berries don’t have enough water they are slow to turn and slower to plump up and sweeten out.

Sometimes, even when they have turned black they haven’t gotten to thier full sweet potential. We don’t want to pick berries that look ripe at first glance, but haven’t really matured properly. So…we have to wait. We know that the rain is in God’s timing so we trust that it is best.

We can see that the Apache and the Navaho are going to rival the Arapaho and we can’t believe how blessed we are!

We’ll keep watering, let’s all keep praying for rain, and in due time…the berries will be perfect!

Posted June 25th, 2005, by Penny | No comments

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