Some like it HOT!!

But not me. Not this hot. Not this early!! The weather guy said it was the hottest April day in 60-70 years!

*Note to self* Do NOT pick the hottest April day in 60 years to lay out the black plastic mulch on the huge garden that has to be held down by really big, really heavy, really many hand placed (lugged) field rocks!

Things are coming along great here at the farm – barring the heat and humidity, of course! We need rain, so pray we get some, please.

We are slowing introducing our flock of layers to the dogs, so if they learn to play nicely together, expect to have fresh eggs available when you come to pick!

Will be getting the tomatoes and peppers in the ground tomorrow, Lord willing. I’m sure hungry for a good bacon and tomato sandwich!

Blessings until we meet over the bushes,


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