How quickly things change! No more berries this year…

I’ll start out this post by saying how much we appreciate everyone who came to get blackberries this year!

You all have been wonderful and it was just a delight to see you all. We hope you have enjoyed the berries and were able to use them to bring your family and friends closer together in fellowship which so often involves good food!!

Now I must let everyone know that due to a severe case of cane blight that has swept through the stand of bushes, we are forced to cut the picking season short this year. While lots of people have come and gotten lots of good berries this season, the picking was way slimmer than it should have been. The blight reduced the yield significantly so that the berries that were good were really good, but there was just a fraction of what there should have been.

So now, we give thanks to God for the berries He provided this year and we move ahead to what He calls us to do next – deal with the blight. We will be pruning out and destroying what is affected and spraying and tending the rest.

We are confident of His faithfulness and have every hope and expectation to recover from this setback, and so with this we say good-bye to this season while looking forward to many more seasons to come!

We will be working hard to get the field into the shape it needs to be so that we can once again welcome all our wonderful friends to come enjoy the bounty of His blessings!

Until then, again thanks for your support,


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