It’s In God’s Timing…

We know there many, many people who are waiting patiently to hear that the berries are ready again for lots of picking, but the lack of rain has made it a difficult call. When the berries don’t have enough water they are slow to turn and slower to plump up and sweeten out.

Sometimes, even when they have turned black they haven’t gotten to thier full sweet potential. We don’t want to pick berries that look ripe at first glance, but haven’t really matured properly. So…we have to wait. We know that the rain is in God’s timing so we trust that it is best.

We can see that the Apache and the Navaho are going to rival the Arapaho and we can’t believe how blessed we are!

We’ll keep watering, let’s all keep praying for rain, and in due time…the berries will be perfect!

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Good Bye and Hello!

Well, the Arapaho have given us about all they had to give for this first year, and BOY, was it a lot! We have had the most wonderful berries for the past few weeks off of the Arapaho plants! We picked the plants clean of ripe berries yesterday – over ten gallons!! – but we still have standing orders for almost twenty gallons more! Now it’s on to the Navaho and Kiowa, which interestingly are our smallest and largest berries, in that order.

While all blackberries are very similar – they are all blackberries – each variety has it’s own unique “showcase” quailities to offer. You can check out some of the differences on our “Blackberry Facts” page. The different varieties we have on our farm enable us to offer not only a variety of flavors and sizes, but it also ensures that our season will last long enough to give everyone a chance to enjoy some berries. So, if you missed the Arapaho, you still have time to enjoy the others…for a while.

Remember, the perfect berry waits for no one!!

While the plants are busy ripening more berries, we will be busy doing matainance chores around the home and farm! If you are planning on coming to pick, you may want to call ahead to make sure the berries have not been pick out for the day.

Blessings to you til we meet in the field!

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Sweet Berries

The Arapaho have perfomed even beyond our expectations! They are sooo good and sweet! They have been producing for a couple of weeks now and will start slowing down soon. Come and get them while they’re here! The Kiowa are turning well, but the volume is lower than we expect for next year with another year of maturing for the plants. They say that the best production comes from three to eight year old plants. The ones that are here will astound you!! They are HUGE and sooo sweet! The Navaho and the Apache are coming on – I’ll let you know when they are ready to pick! Shouldn’t be long.

By the way, if you don’t have time to come out and pick, we now have some berries conveniently placed in Joe’s Grocery on the corner of Col. Glenn and Lawson Rd., just off the Col. Glenn exit on I-430! Joe is super great guy and Toby and I have been shopping in his store since high school! Stop in and see him today!

Well, I’m off to tend the berries! See you soon!

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Come Help Us Pick!!

The berries are big, beautiful and READY to be picked!! Please come on out and treat yourself, your family and your friends to some wonderful blackberries!

They make great cobblers and crisps, delicious syrups and they are wonderful just all by themselves!

See you soon!

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We are OPEN for picking!!

Come join us as we open our first season of Blackberry picking! We have some wonderful berries waiting for you.

Our U-Pick price is $10 per gallon, our Pre-Picked price is $14 per gallon but you MUST call a day ahead if you want them waiting for you – we leave them on the bush as long as we can!

See you over the bushes!

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God is Great and the Berries are turning!

Well, let me just say “Thank you” to the Lord for His faithfulness and for the much needed rain and to you, our faithful friends and prayer warriors! The berries are coming along very nicely and we expect to open for picking Tuesday, June 7!

If you would like to have some berries but don’t want to pick them yourself, just call ahead and “put in your order”! We’ll be happy to have them picked and waiting for you to pick up! Call at least the day before you want to pick them up and we will call you back to confirm your order. We can have them in gallon bags or quart sized clamshells.

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The Bushes are Loaded!

Well, the bushes are loaded with berries and some are starting to show some color! It won’t be long before we put out the call to come get the berries! We are working furiously to get the field ready for you.

How can you help? Pray for RAIN!! We have not been able to put our irrigation system in as of yet, so the lack of rain is starting to be a concern. We trust the Lord to take care of His berries, though.

We will keep you posted on the progress of the berries – and we can’t wait to see you out here!

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