No Berries…for now.

This is a difficult post, but so often things that are good for us are difficult. Through these things God grows us into who He wants us to be. So…

I need to let you know the status of the farm. Last year we fought both cane blight that lowered our yield to the point of closeing several weeks early, but we also have a disease called crown gall.

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How quickly things change! No more berries this year…

I’ll start out this post by saying how much we appreciate everyone who came to get blackberries this year!

You all have been wonderful and it was just a delight to see you all. We hope you have enjoyed the berries and were able to use them to bring your family and friends closer together in fellowship which so often involves good food!!

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Delicious Berries and New Phone Number!!

Time for an update!

The berries are ripening daily and are ready for you to come pick!

I know a lot of you have already been out to get berries and may be wondering what you can do with them, so I’ve added a recipe page with a recipe to get you going!

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The Berries are Waiting!!!!

Tomorrow is opening day and the berries are ready!!

We open at 8am so to beat the heat and get the best berries, get here early!

Remember to check the map link before you head out – there’s a detour around the bridge they are repairing on Lawson.

$10 per gallon (buckets provided) $3 per quart

PRE-Picked prices ar $14 per gallon, $3.50 per quart -call ahead about availability

See you over the bushes,


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Better check those directions …

It has been settled: Opening day is June 9th!

Also, we want everyone to know that the county is going to close Lawson Road beginning June 5 and it is likely to stay closed for 90 days. Yep, that is pretty much the entire season!

But have no fear: There are alternate directions! Please check the map page for details on how to get to us while Lawson undergoes its major bridge repair.

Looking forward to seeing you over the bushes.

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Just a week or two away!

It is amazing how fast the time goes! We have been incredibly busy the last couple of months with lots of activities, not the least of which being our oldest daughter’s graduation. We are now focusing nearly completely on getting the farm ready for you to come out and enjoy God’s bounty!

If you are like us, we expect you just can’t wait to get your hands some some of those lucious berries!

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Rain, rain…

Well, I had my “green day” several days ago. That’s what our family calls that one day every Spring when you’re going about your normal business and you notice that while you weren’t paying attention, the whole world exploded into glorious, lush bright green spring growth and you realize the season really has changed! We look forward to this day every year, but if your looking too forward to it, you end up cheating yourself out of it, having stolen the surprise away from yourself!

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Some like it HOT!!

But not me. Not this hot. Not this early!! The weather guy said it was the hottest April day in 60-70 years!

*Note to self* Do NOT pick the hottest April day in 60 years to lay out the black plastic mulch on the huge garden that has to be held down by really big, really heavy, really many hand placed (lugged) field rocks!

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Spring is Here!

Well, Spring is here and we are busy getting the berries ready for you to come pick!

We are clearing away the winter’s debris, weeding, watering, feeding and loving the plants. We are competing with the deer who also love our berries, but I know there will be plenty to go around!

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What a GREAT Ride!

In my last post I said that we expected more berries out of the Apache and Navaho if only it would rain…

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